Privacy Policy

InternationalTamilMatrimony (ITM)

  • Your privacy is our first and foremost priority. Almost all precautionary measures are put forth with high scrutiny by a selected competent team. However, the cybercrime is one of the challenges that every online subscription business encounters. 
  • ITM checks and monitors every membership and is committed to advice every member on the level of security needed when you share additional information that you are directly sharing to other members.
  • It is up to the members discrimination to disclose the information that is necessary to initiate the matching process. 
  • ITM will not take any liability if any member compromised and shared the information that is more than necessary to share safely. 
  • All cybercrime issue will be handled as appropriately within ITM Privacy Watch Group and its policy or help to lodge a cybercrime complaint.
  • ITM will facilitate to share the personal contact information as requested by members but will not take liability beyond the action of contact information.